Friday, July 30, 2010

Automatically Disable Screensaver For Hulu Desktop

I've had Hulu Desktop on my computer for a few months now, but I only just started actually using it this past week. I love the interface; it feels just like Windows Media Center. My only problem has been that Hulu Desktop does not currently have an option to disable the screensaver when watching a movie. I very rarely lose my temper, but the fact that my computer was going into standby every ten minutes and turning my TV off was driving me crazy!

Naturally, I searched through the menus to try to find an option to keep my computer from reporting itself as idle while I watch any content on Hulu--nothing. I then looked all over Google figuring that somebody had a solution that would fix this problem--nothing. After reading through post after post of people complaining about this, I figured I would just make something myself as a temporary fix until Hulu adds the option into its software.

I have done plenty of scripting at work, so I decided to just write a quick and dirty VB script to accomplish my goal. There's a download link at the bottom of this post to download it for yourself.

All this VB script does is loop through all running processes and disables the screensaver and monitor time out when HuluDesktop.exe is detected. When HuluDesktop.exe is not running, the screensaver is re-enabled and the time out on for the monitor is set to 10 minutes.

Just for ease of use, I also included a section in the script that adds a startup entry in HKCU so you don't have to remember to run it each time you reboot your computer. To uninstall, just go to the start menu, run, and type cmd. In the command prompt, type the following:

reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v "Hulu Screensaver Disabler" /f

Finally, here's the link to download the script. Please be fair and link to this article rather than repost the link.

I have only tested this on my Windows 7 desktop that's hooked up to my TV. This should work on any Windows version. Feel free to post a comment if you need additional assistance setting this up or getting it to work.


  1. How do you install this? I double clicked it and nothing happened. Did it install?

  2. Phillip, it's running as soon as you double-click the file. If it's causing any issues or you would just like to close it, just open task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and kill the wscript.exe process.